The Vocational College has been operating as an organizational unit of the public educational institution ŠC PET, Ljubljana, since 1999. It provides education programmes for full-time and part-time students, planned and systematic transfer of knowledge, and general civilizational and cultural values with the emphasis on lifelong learning.

As early as 1996, we were already in line with the economic needs for the planned training of staff in the field of telecommunications and postal traffic. With the help of a number of experts from Telekom Slovenije, Pošta Slovenije, RTV Slovenija, Slovenske železnice, MNZ, MORS, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana and others, we prepared two publicly valid education programmes, i.e. Telecommunications and Postal Transport, and started implementing them in 1999.

In 2006 and 2007, we were involved in the project of renovation and modernization of both study programmes, which we completed successfully. We added new content, enabled students to choose their studies and introduced a new evaluating system (120 ECTS credits). We have been implementing the upgraded programmes of Telecommunications and Economist since 2008. A graduate of the Telecommunications Programme obtains the title of Telecommunications Engineer, and a graduate of the Economist Programme acquires the title of Economist.

The level of education acquired is VI/1.

The Telecommunications study programme is the only one of its kind in Slovenia.