School`s Vision and Mission


With high-quality education and staff, we enable the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge and skills to meet the needs of an information-connected society and ensure a better life of each individual. We enable students to closely combine general and professional knowledge. The school is distinguished by high-quality flexible programmes with content that is adapted to the needs of the environment and the economy, thus enabling vertical transition.

The Vocational College has been implementing the study programmes Telecommunications and Economist since 1999. The Telecommunications postgraduate study programme is the only one of its kind in Slovenia.

School values:
  • professionalism,
  • responsibility,
  • innovation,
  • high-quality education,
  • ethics,
  • communication.
School goals:
  • adapting and using appropriate teaching methods and forms of work,
  • involvement of domestic and foreign experts in the education process,
  • involvement in projects and cooperation with the economy and other partners at home and abroad,
  • creating a stimulating learning environment with modern learning forms, methods and learning information technology,
  • developing independent critical judgment and responsible behaviour,
  • active cooperation with professional organizations and associations in the field of education and profession,
  • promoting lifelong learning.


To maintain the reputation of a good school in Slovenia and to become an internationally recognized vocational college.

Achieving the vision requires excellent performance. Therefore, the management is committed to achieving expectations and trust in the institution, both in the province and beyond, through constant quality control of an ever-improving environment and all its areas of work.