School centre for Postal Services, Economics and Telecommunications (ŠC PET Ljubljana) is a prominent educational institution in the field of telecommunications, offering secondary and higher education programs. It is known for its diverse and flexible curriculum tailored to the needs of the local community and the business sector, allowing smooth vertical progression. The center also places a strong emphasis on nurturing the holistic development of its students, including sports, cultural, research, and social aspects, ensuring that student-athletes can excel both in sports and academics.

Key features that set ŠC PET Ljubljana apart from other institutions:

Elevating general, professional, and specialized knowledge.

Staying updated with technological and industry advancements.

Promoting personal and academic development/growth.

Teaching effective learning methods.

Focusing on the quality of education.

Providing alternative paths to professions and knowledge.

Developing e-learning.

Offering guidance and support to achieve individual goals.


ŠC PET’s mission is to provide high-quality education that equips individuals with comprehensive knowledge and skills for the benefit of society and the individual. This is achieved through collaborative learning in a stimulating and friendly environment. The center’s focus on expertise and workforce readiness is evident in both its secondary technical and vocational school and higher vocational school. It encourages the integration of general knowledge with specialized knowledge for students.


“We don’t merely adapt to changes; we create changes.”

In an era where schools are influenced by market dynamics, maintaining the quality of learning and teaching, ensuring expertise, and knowledge of languages and societal awareness are crucial. This enables individuals to successfully integrate into the modern economic landscape, which is increasingly connected to the global world.


Ensuring and monitoring the quality of educational work.

Providing a stimulating learning environment with modern teaching methods and ICT utilization.

Facilitating the acquisition of professional competencies in line with industry standards.

Promoting lifelong learning.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle, environmental awareness, and self-care.

Maintaining target groups and collaborating with them.

Involving domestic and international experts in the educational process.

Promoting sustainable development.

Continuing to develop sports departments and aiming for standardized enrollment in sports departments in secondary vocational education.

Providing education and personal growth opportunities to all staff.

Developing e-learning.

Participating in projects related to quality, self-evaluation, and external evaluation.

Engaging in activities at the local, national, and international levels.

Collaborating with various businesses and public institutions at the local and national levels.

Implementing prescribed measures for ensuring occupational safety and health.

Promoting program offerings.

Keeping the media informed about the institution’s activities and showcasing students’ achievements.

Increasing the market share in adult education.

Ensuring transparency in management.


ŠC PET Ljubljana has a history spanning over 70 years. It was founded in 1948 by the former PTT company, and in 1993, a new founding agreement was signed between the PTT company of Slovenia and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Since 1998, the founders of ŠC PET Ljubljana have been the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Telekom Slovenije, and Pošta Slovenije (Postal Service). In 1999, a higher vocational school was established. In 2008 and 2009, there was a curriculum overhaul aimed at aligning education with the needs of the business sector. New educational programs and international comparability were introduced.

Today, ŠC PETLjubljana is renowned for its unique telecommunications programs and diverse options for prospective economists, covering postal services, banking, logistics, and insurance.

Moreover, ŠC PET Ljubljana is well-regarded for its dedication to the education of students who are also athletes.